Evewoman : Trendsettters: Businesswoman Angela Githuthu

Trendsettters: Businesswoman Angela Githuthu

Angela Githuthu

NAME: Angela Githuthu

CAREER: Owner of Decadence by Angela (Specialist of bespoke cakes and bakes)

STATUS: Single

AGE: 32

What drives you?

My faith in God, integrity and passion.


What gains do you think womenfolk have achieved from a few decades ago?

Courage to speak out, opportunities to be educated, and access to information.


How are you ensuring your future is secured financially?

I am investing in projects that will be able to deliver passive income in the long term.


What do you think about women taking charge of their lives?

It is important to be strong as a woman; because we have a greater responsibility in determining the shape society will take. We are the homemakers; there’s whole lot of wisdom that a woman can impart.


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What are your career aspirations?

I’ve had a very exciting ten-year career in marketing, with amazing opportunities. I now intend to continue building great brands from a position of leadership within an organisation. I also intend to build a specialty boutique bakery to cater for the discerning palette.


How are you planning to achieve them?

Prayer first! Build the right skill set through my postgraduate studies and a professional culinary qualification. There’s also taking calculated risks and building the right network.


How are you tackling different crises that life throws at you as a woman?

I am trying to live a God-centred life, so for the most part, because it’s not always easy, I seek guidance from above.


What does spirituality mean to you?

I attend a weekly Bible study fellowship where we study God’s word cover-to-cover. I also workout and run a lot.


Define a beautiful woman? 

A beautiful woman is a defined in Proverbs 31...I don’t think I can add to that.


How do you maintain that sparkle? 

I take coffee. And I am an eternal optimist; I always hope for the best and look for the best in people and every situation.


How do you unwind?

I cook up a storm, I believe life and love can always be shared at a table or I explore the great outdoors...climb a small mountain or drive out of town.


What do you feel about having children?

I love them! They are a blessing and the single greatest gift that a woman has been bestowed.


What are your sentiments on peaceful and happy marriage today?

I believe it requires God, love (as defined in 1 Corinthians 13) patience and compromise. We need to move away from thinking we can choose to walk away from a marriage without putting in the hours. 

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