Trendsettters: Businesswoman Angela Githuthu - Evewoman

Trendsettters: Businesswoman Angela Githuthu

Angela Githuthu

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NAME: Angela Githuthu

CAREER: Owner of Decadence by Angela (Specialist of bespoke cakes and bakes)

STATUS: Single

AGE: 32

What drives you?

My faith in God, integrity and passion.


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What gains do you think womenfolk have achieved from a few decades ago?

Courage to speak out, opportunities to be educated, and access to information.


How are you ensuring your future is secured financially?

I am investing in projects that will be able to deliver passive income in the long term.


What do you think about women taking charge of their lives?

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It is important to be strong as a woman; because we have a greater responsibility in determining the shape society will take. We are the homemakers; there’s whole lot of wisdom that a woman can impart.


What are your career aspirations?

I’ve had a very exciting ten-year career in marketing, with amazing opportunities. I now intend to continue building great brands from a position of leadership within an organisation. I also intend to build a specialty boutique bakery to cater for the discerning palette.


How are you planning to achieve them?

Prayer first! Build the right skill set through my postgraduate studies and a professional culinary qualification. There’s also taking calculated risks and building the right network.


How are you tackling different crises that life throws at you as a woman?

I am trying to live a God-centred life, so for the most part, because it’s not always easy, I seek guidance from above.


What does spirituality mean to you?

I attend a weekly Bible study fellowship where we study God’s word cover-to-cover. I also workout and run a lot.


Define a beautiful woman? 

A beautiful woman is a defined in Proverbs 31...I don’t think I can add to that.


How do you maintain that sparkle? 

I take coffee. And I am an eternal optimist; I always hope for the best and look for the best in people and every situation.


How do you unwind?

I cook up a storm, I believe life and love can always be shared at a table or I explore the great outdoors...climb a small mountain or drive out of town.


What do you feel about having children?

I love them! They are a blessing and the single greatest gift that a woman has been bestowed.


What are your sentiments on peaceful and happy marriage today?

I believe it requires God, love (as defined in 1 Corinthians 13) patience and compromise. We need to move away from thinking we can choose to walk away from a marriage without putting in the hours. 

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