Thou shall always put your bro before any new woman at any point

As much as it is cliché and hated by the lasses, a real bro should put another bro first. Why should a relationship that has been there for years break just because you started dating that hot damsel who just moved into your block?

You just met at the camping experience the other week or bumped into her at the motor show? The only time you are allowed to put the lady first is if the bro is being jealous.

Thou shall not snitch on your friend

He might have told the girl that he is working late or has an ‘engagement’ that he isn’t willing to share with his girl. It is not your place to go snitching, telling on what your boy is up to.

Thou shall not covet your bro’s ex or girlfriend

What isn’t yours simply isn’t. Anyone found guilty of this should be sentenced to a slow and painful ‘death’.

Thou shall not exile your roommate without notice

You should never kick out a bro whenever your ‘mami’ is coming over without prior notice. Tell him in advance so that he hatches a plot to see you both end up in a win-win situation.

He’ll probably get mad over it but a few pints over the weekend will cool his anger down.

Thou shall not ditch plans with the guys to stay in and chill with the lass.

Unless it’s your wedding day, honeymoon or you are going on a date, then never turn down a hangout with the ‘pack’ because you will live to regret it. I mean it.

We all hate it when our bro’s keep referring to a crazy night out or an inside joke and you have to sit there like a watermelon not knowing what to say. ...but then again you should make time for the lady, just not all the time.

Thou shall not talk ill of another brother behind his back

There are people who I don’t talk to anymore but their secrets never leave my mouth, so goes a quote. No matter what happened, keep those secret records just that!

Though shall be the designated wingman when so required

If you happen to hit on a group of ‘chilles’ and you end up having to tolerate the not so pretty or nagging one in the clique just so your bro ‘bags’ his crush, take heart for you are doing your bro a solid one and letting him hit the jackpot.

Tomorrow, he will return the favour.

Thou shall have your bro’s back no matter what

It’s one thing to be bailed out by your bro but it’s another to get locked up with your ‘hommie’. Always remember that whereas blood makes you related, loyalty makes us family.

If he’s short on cash to get tickets for that New Year’s plot sort him out or better yet, get him the ticket.

Thou shall act a fool if the squad does so

Acting a fool is not something we do every day. However, the bro-zone is a place where you should be allowed to be you without anyone judging you. Correct your boy if he is wrong but if he is in a situation, around another, flow with him.

Thou shall not take your bromance too far

I don’t need to tell you that too much of something will probably see you get bored to death or send the wrong impression to scouting eyes.

No inappropriate touching or suggestive talk...period! You don’t see Brad Pitt and George Clooney holding hands and taking long walks on the beach at sunset, do you?