Cardi B [Photo: Courtesy]

Cardi B has deactivated her Twitter account after revealing the pressure of trying to 'please people' is getting to her. The chart-topping rapper, 28, is making sure the haters can't get to her as she took herself off the social media giant, after receiving backlash for bringing out a doll instead of new music - which fans were desperately hoping for.

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But Cardi, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, has secretly been plotting her next move and more hits for her followers - although she begs them to be patient. The star has released two singles in the last seven months - WAP and Up.

"I have so much pressure. I'm working on a lot of s**t to please people," she said on her Instagram Stories as she explained she is hard at work behind-the-scenes. I wanna please my fans, because y'all been asking for something from me for a very long time that I can't say, and I'm doing it for ya." She added: "How am I supposed to be rich? How am I supposed to build my net worth?"

It comes after the Bodak Yellow rapper revealed she has created a doll with the brand Real Women Are. Sharing a snap on Instagram, she wrote: "BARDI GANG!! I'm dropping my own doll TODAY! Inspired by me. Created by me. Designed by me. Thank you @officialrealwomenare This means so much."

The mother-of-one added that she wants to expand her new doll line to include other artists and women in roles traditionally dominated by men. She continued: "When this doll business got presented to me, one of the reasons I decided to do it is because I'm a girl's mom. Nowadays, these dolls are not like Barbies. They are way more expensive. They come with way more fashion and are way more diverse. They come so chic and I constantly gotta spend money on these dolls. My daughter constantly want me to buy these dolls, she actually has a preference."

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Cardi shares her two-year-old daughter Kulture with her husband Offset.