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Rate Cards: How expensive are our influencers?

 Azziad, Joy Kendi and Kate Actress.

Association costs money. While behemoths such as Cristiano Ronaldo can mint up to Ksh 200,000M for an Instagram post, what about our domestic stars?

Kate Actress

A valuable brand personality, Kate has multiple deals. Whether it is from partnerships with self-care brands to influencer gigs with supermarkets, the former Tahidi High actress is one of the savviest businesswomen in entertainment. Without a doubt the contemporary poster child of Kenyan film through her success in flicks such as Nafsi, Disconnect, and many more, she commands a bill of one million shillings per five posts on Instagram.


With an enormous follower count of 1.9 million on Instagram alone and growing, Azziad burst into the Kenyan limelight in 2020. Since then, her star has shone brightest, an she has evolved from a viral TikTok choreographer into a social media storm. Sources confirm that Azziad cannot be associated with a brand that does not guarantee Sh300,000 for a campaign, depending on the scope of the project.


One of the most entertaining personalities in the media, corporate entertainment, and cultural spaces, Kwambox is the current face of urban Kenyan radio and youth. The Kapow superstar has a booking fee of half a million Kenya shillings for social media postings. Kwambox has managed to reinvent herself countless times since her modelling pageantry and reality TV days into a corporate and festival emcee, and radio host. Whether it is her lucrative contracts with conglomerates and big brands, Kwambox sets the bar high.

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A post shared by Kwambox (@kwambox)

Joy Kendi

Travel, lifestyle and beauty content creator Joy Kendi is the definition of a multi-disciplinary brand. Whether it is e-commerce with Jumia, or partnering with Netflix to market their products, perhaps integrating a dash of nightlife liquor company Tanqueray into her rider, Joy is phenomenal. The creative charges Sh250,000 to acquire some of her timeline space on Instagram, and this can connect her audience to your brand at the snap of a finger.

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A post shared by Joy Kendi?? (@justjoykendi)

Amina Mohamed

Amina Mohamed is a media personality who has earned her stripes as one of the most hard-working women in Kenyan showbiz. For Sh350,000 Amina will grace you with her charisma and longevity that oozes class, glam and zeal all in one post. The prime-time TV host is known for her countless brand deals. But it is this heritage of being a winner and giving results that make her an enticing fit for many brands.


Nedy Parezo

Nedy has cultivated a cult following and a reputation as the go-to to make moments viral in Kenya. Brands taking note have been sent quotations of Sh30,000 per post and it seems to pay off as the avid choreographer continues to dictate the Kenyan influencer world.

@nedyparezo What are your Weekend Plans?? Cc @kendiQofficial Outfits @Lorenzo1 #nedyparezo #Lorenzo1 #kendiq NANA - Joshua Baraka

Joe Segera

Street interviewer and drip star J Segera, has grown fast. From monthly packages ranging from Sh150,000 to Sh200,000 - to campaigns with corporate entities such as KFC and NBA that grossed over Sh300,000 - he is a marvel in the influencer world. A voice for youth culture, Segera is a savvy TikTok influencer.


Once heard women say they love themselves a self aware king?

original sound - J segera on IG

Vick Brandon

In the vast TikTok universe, Gen Z creators rule. Boasting 2.6 million followers on the platform, Vick charges Sh100,000, according to our data collection to advertise your brand. Connecting brands through his humorous skits and parodies, Vick has managed to be relevant on social media, growing his influence immensely as a TikTok creator.

@vick_brandon African Moms don't let Simple Math be done with a calculator!!!?????#vickbrandon #vickbrandon2 #vickbrandoncreativity #vickbrandoncomedy #vickbrandon?? #vickbrandonfyp #vickbrandonviral #vickbrandoncelebrity #vickbrandonceleb smack - zup


Wayu Wayua

The outlier on the list, body-positive personality Wayu Wayua charges between Sh1,700 a month to almost 16,000 yearly bundle packages. She has taken a more leftist approach to how she earns her money via social media. In her more reserved and conservative nature, she is a dancer and different businesses such as 109 Tavern eatery endorse the outgoing lass. Her breakthrough moment was the cameo she had on the then-rising star Bensoul's 'Favorite Song' music visual. She is one of the most followed people of her generation on Instagram, currently just shy of 500,000 followers.

@wayu_wayua Lets weekend #friday #wayuwayua #fyp original sound - wayu_wayua


Shiv Simani & Shiki (Miss Tiramisu)

The outstanding pairing of fitness and crossbody trainer Shiv Simani and his beloved on-screen wife, Shikie from Over 25, is one of the most adorable items on social media. Both popular in their own right, they have demonstrated couple goals, vulnerability and rawness of a millennial marriage in a social media age. For Shiv and Shiki to bundle up and get behind your brand, be prepared to part with about Sh350,000 owing to their success rate over the years and the organic synergy they are known to create through their social media audiences.

@shivsimani Challenge accepted. #UnitThePodcast Link in bio. @Michelle Wanjiku Stronger - Kanye West

Tileh Pacbro & Martina

Reports show that despite Tileh and his wife Martina registering consequential individual success, their joint venture is still developing. According to our findings, the couple currently asks for Sh150,000 for a post in which they both feature.

@tileh_pacbro There's always that one trainer who let you get an injury in peace ?? @Ajib gathoni? wachana na migongo ya watu! #pacbro #pacbrofamily #fitness #fitnessmotivation Hwiralang - Mac Lopez & MacG & Emkay

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