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Artistes' delicate balance between money and love


Failure by artistes from Mt Kenya region to balance their fame, money and love life has made them fodder for celebrity gossip.

The secular and gospel artistes have united the country ‘for chai’ a popular phrase for online gossip.

Some have wrecked their first marriages after taking a second wife, leaving the aggrieved party venting on social media.

Njeri Muigai, the first wife of legendary artiste Muigai Njoroge, caused a stir on social media when she, last month, announced publicly that she had parted ways with Njoroge.

Njeri told Kameme Kayu Ka Muingi that she tried stomaching the polygamous marriage to no avail. 

The 41-year-old mother of four revealed that polygamy was one of her greatest childhood fears since she grew up in one.

Reminiscing how she met her husband, Njeri revealed she met Muigai at a friend’s house. After three days, the two got married and she conceived immediately and later gave birth to their firstborn daughter who is now 21 years.

She disclosed how her husband got his break in music and their eventual move to their plot in Mwihoko, Githurai 45. At the time, the singer had started gaining fame.

Things changed when her husband married a second wife

“He (Muigai) had opened up to me about his desire for a polygamous marriage after barely two months in marriage but I thought he was not serious,” she said.

Muigai married his second wife Queen Stacy nine years into his first marriage. He later moved in with her, leaving Njeri alone with their children.

Njeri says she fell into alcoholism and for about two years, she would drink every day to deal with the pain.

“I used to drink from morning to evening and at the time I was broke. I was bitter and I hated men. I even contemplated suicide,” she stated.

Two weeks after Njeri’s revelation, celebrated musician Hezeh Ndungu’s second wife Mary wa Hezeh decided to use her social media platforms to vent about her marriage.

Mary made damning allegations about the father of her child.

She claimed Ndungu lied to win the sympathy of philanthropist Karangu Muraya and his social media followers.

 Muigai wa Njoroge

Muraya came out guns blazing dismissing the claims as lies.

Ndungu is known for hit songs such as Elijah akiuma muci, itura riakitwo na thahabu njega muno, Kiara kia Ngai, Ndarora irimaini ngakugoca among others.

His debut Ngoro yakwa ni irakena gained widespread popularity.

Social media users trolled him, accusing him of marrying many wives and failing to take charge.

The drama got juicer after the first wife emerged to counter her co-wife, accusing her of wrecking her marriage and snatching Ndungu.

She revealed that she learned that her husband had another wife in 2017 when she received a text informing her of the matter.

“2017 is when I learnt there was another person, and it’s not Hezeh who told me, but a message from Facebook. We were coming from a friend’s ordination, and I posted a picture of us with Mheshimiwa Karemba, and I wrote a nice message. That’s when I got a message saying, ‘ringa kabisa but know that we are two’. And I asked her ‘you’re two with who?’ And that’s how I knew,” said Milka.

In an interview with a YouTuber, Milka disclosed that when her husband whom she got married to in 1988 left, she knelt down and pleaded with God to return him and her prayer was answered.

“He left me for five years and went to be with his side chick but God has answered my prayers amerudi nyumbani to be with our children,” she said

She noted that she could not fault her husband since he has always provided for her and their kids.

“I’ve always been a housewife and never paid school fees. For the kids, I can’t embarrass him and say he did nothing. He gave us food, and shelter and kept us well. I’ll give him number one on that. He held us like how a man should hold a home. So, I would salute my husband and say he’s been good,” she said.

The love triangles and dramas are however not new in the world of the artistes.

Celebrated Mugithi artiste Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh has also been serving Kenyans ‘tea’ following his decision to marry Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu as a second wife a move that saw Edday Nderitu swear to leave the marriage.

“It has been exactly 15 years of marriage full of ups and downs. It was a humble beginning where little was enough for us, and last three years it has been nothing but pain. I have remained faithful to you regardless of the disrespect, humiliation and being trolled on social media; you have made me look dumb and took my silence for granted,” Nderitu wrote as she vowed never to raise her kids in a polygamous family.

She later relocated to the US where Samido is currently.

The controversy attracted a response from Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua who called out Samindo for embarrassing the country and asked him to manage his family affairs or face disciplinary action from the National Police Service. 

“Samidoh, you know how we love you and your songs. Don’t take your family affairs abroad. We don’t want foreigners to know so much about us,” he told a bowed Samidoh.

"Wewe Samidoh ni rafiki yangu, na unajua vile tunakupenda na nyimbo zako lakini kuna pahali unatuangusha kidogo". (Samidoh is a good friend of mine and we love his songs but he is causing us embarrassment),” said the deputy president.

He added; “Samidoh needs to control his people because as the African proverb says ‘an elephant never tires carrying its tusks’.”

“We will discipline you. We will not allow you to go overseas or we will limit you to going alone,” said Gachagua.


Upcoming artist Githuki Nyokabi says when an artiste earns a name he easily forgets self and starts living a lie.

“At this point, one dumps his family for people in his new class and one is no longer in charge of his life and destiny. One remembers who he is after his popularity and fame is over, without money and any tangible investment,” said Nyokabi. 

Kiririmbi kia Wendo hitmaker Epha Maina who doubles up as Talented Musicians and Composers Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited chair called on artistes to avoid dramas and build their future. 

Maina urged artistes to introduce their second wives to their family members and to list their preferred beneficiaries with all the music bodies to prevent protracted legal battles on royalties when they die.

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