For those local TV drama series enthusiasts, the name Wanja Mworia rings a bell. For those who do not know her, a memory jog is really all it may take.

The actress made her debut in Wingu La Moto in 2003 before joining Tahidi High. She went on to take up other roles in Higher Learning and Makutano Junction where she played the role of a tomboy called Tony.

Other than being a producer currently, she has added another title that of a wife after she said ‘I do’ to a popular model and dancer who goes by the name Ian Kimiti. The private wedding that took place on 10th of June was kept away from the preying eye of the media and public with only their close friends and family attending.

Ian and Wanja had been dating for several years prior to their recent wedding.

‘’Honestly the most fun line up I’ve been in...Wishing you all the best...’’ Kanyi Mwangi, one of the bridesmaids posted.

Among those in the groomsmen lineup was popular fashion designer John Kaveke who also tailor-made the suits.