Vera Sidika’s message to those saying her pregnancy is fake

By Vincent Kejitan | 2 months ago
Vera Sidika [Courtesy]

Businesswoman Vera Sidika on Monday clapped back at naysayers who said her pregnancy is fake.

Through a long message on her social media pages, Vera said she has received all sorts of insults and hate from people who barely know her story.

She added that some even said she has a surrogate carrying her baby but she serves a living God.

“There is nothing I haven’t seen or heard in this life…wickedness to a point that someone would spend hours trying to convince people my pregnancy is fake…that I have a surrogate carrying my baby.

“It makes me wonder; does it mean that I do not have a uterus to carry my own child or what?” she asked.

Further, Vera revealed that some even called her barren and useless since she was yet to carry a child in her womb.

“When I was ready it took God one month and only one trial…boom! I got preggo. The same womb watchers are busy trying to convince you all it is fake.

“Life is interesting but guess what, God also works his ways. He gave me my heart’s desire, a girl. Never had a sister and this has always been my wish for years…The God I serve will always be by my side,” she wrote.

Letter unborn daughter

Vera also penned a letter to her unborn daughter saying she was sent into her life to give her something to fight for.

“I believe that God sent you into my life to give me something to fight for, to show me there is love in this world, to give me hope and bring me joy, all the proof in God I need is in you,” she wrote.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo [Courtesy]

In a recent YouTube video, Vera shared how she predicated her pregnancy three years ago when she released her music video Nalia after going through a tough breakup.

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She has often been bashed for bleaching her skin and some even went ahead to advise her to get a child with a white man if she wants a mixed-race baby.

"You'll have to give birth with a white man so that your baby comes out mixed because if it is with Brown Mauzo your children will get your ancestors' skin colour and come out dark," wrote the fan. 

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Vera responded saying, "It is very unfortunate whenever someone writes, 'Oh your baby will be dark or he/she won't be cute because he/she will be dark. So y'all mean dark babies are not cute? It gets me sick to my damn stomach. And what is wrong with dark babies, aren't they human?"

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