Cool Wafula Chebukati saves on costs by delivering poll materials via personal luggage

IEBC Chairperson Wafula Chebukati. [File, Standard]

I am writing in most enthusiastic support of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s boss, Wafula Chebukati, a diligent but much vilified public officer who has risen to the occasion whenever his country has needed him.

Cognisant of the economic hardships that beset our land, Chebukati and his team decided, rather wisely, that they could save a few shillings by delivering some election materials via personal luggage.

It does sound a little strange that he used some chaps from another corner of the planet on expired passports, but as the English say, it’s the thought that counts! Chebukati wanted to save us some money, period.

Even better, Chebukati remains as calm as water in a pot. The pot that I have in mind isn’t the sort that’s placed by the hearth to warm, or in a raging inferno that brings githeri to a boil; it’s a much bigger receptable, large at the base to ensure its solid sitting, and a narrow, elongated neck.

Chebukati’s is a gigantic pot. As the presidential returning officer, he has to stomach many claims of bias. But none bubbles to the fore. He often remains tight-lipped, betraying no emotion at all.

Even when rumours swirl around this town - and there are many rumour mongers in our midst - Chebukati barely raises his voice. Now I hear Forms 34A and 34B, all relating to presidential polls, but tallied at different stations, have been printed as one booklet.

Once again, Chebukati will not sweat it out; he will tell anyone who cares to listen that the two forms were printed back-to-back to save on costs, because it’s his solemn duty to.

As for those wondering why he’s still in office, even after overseeing the 2017 polls that was invalidated on account of technicalities that were ignored, Chebukati will simply ignore them.