Real estate firm Erdemann urges for patience as Sh2.4b construction is temporarily stopped

The Sh2.4 billion Great Wall Gardens Three (GWG 3) under construction. [Faith Karanja, Standard]

Erdemann Property Limited (EPL) has urged its clients and homeowners to be patient following the temporary halt of the construction of Sh2.4 billion Great Wall Gardens Three (GWG 3).

The company has appealed to clients who have already purchased the houses to be patient adding that the situation will be solved soon.

Through its managing Director Zeyun Yang, the real estate firm urged the London Distillers Company (LDK) to comply with the environmental requirements as a distillery factory.

Zeyun said that it has no business rivalry against LDK.

“Residents of Great Wall Gardens are complaining against pollution by our immediate neighbors, LDK,” added Zeyun in a press statement.

Speaking at the proposed Great Wall Gardens Three (GWG 3) site, Zeyun said that he was speaking on behalf of over 2,500 home buyers and over 10,000 residents of Great Wall Gardens.

“We reiterate that we are more than willing to co-exist with LDK after they comply with the NEMA requirements of air emissions and effluent discharge,” added Zeyun.

At the same time, he informed the general public that the construction of proposed GWG 3 has been temporarily stopped because there is a pending case filed by LDK at the tribunal.

“You can see for yourself that despite being working there are no workers on site,” Zeyun told the press.

Zeyun said that they have sold over 200 units to various home buyers and all of them will be worried about the completion of their houses and maturity of their return on investments which could be affected.

“We would be having over 2,000 workers but they have all lost their jobs from the evening of Friday, October 18, 2019,” he added.

The director said that they have hundreds of suppliers who supply materials to them and their businesses have now stalled or interrupted.

He said that affordable housing delivery project under the Big 4 agenda which EPL is playing a critical role in Kenya is being threatened, hindered and seriously affected.

“We appeal to the general public that EPL and GWG are complainants who raised the pollution by our immediate neighbor LDK,” he said.

According to him, LDK, which has been operating for over 35 years has been polluting the environment.

“We believe that EPL, GWG and Athi River residents did the right thing by raising our voices over the pollution matter according to Section 43 of the constitution,” John Rajwayi Erdemann Property Limited head of planning.

The Sh2.4 billion project has over 2000 workers who risk losing their jobs.

On October 18, 2019, in Machakos, Judge Oscar Angote stopped the construction of the proposed Great Wall Gardens pending the determination of the matters in court.

"We ask whether innocent complainants should be punished for protecting our environment occasioning such great loss,” said Zeyun.

“We as EPL under the leadership of our Chairman and Managing Director John Zeyun Yang believe in the rule of law and trust that the rule of law shall be followed by all in Kenya. We have the confidence that Kenya is headed the right direction despite the challenges it faces,” said Rajwai.

By Fred Ruoro 20 mins ago
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