It is the desire of every university to contribute to the national and international development. One of the ways they achieve this, is through the various contributions a university makes towards the developmental agenda; the major one being, skilled labor that universities release to the market place. The other contribution is through research done by faculty members within the university. To this end Daystar University has continued to produce highly skilled graduates in areas of Communication, Business, Finance, Management and Administration, Development, Clinical and Counseling Psychology and Sciences and to carry out research in various fields

The mission of Daystar University is to “develop managers, professionals, researchers and scholars to be effective Christian servant-leaders through the integration of Christian faith and holistic learning for the transformation of Church and society”.  This mission guided the development of science degree courses in Daystar and is in line with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, which gives clear guidelines for the improvement of lives of the world’s poorest.

The objective is to equip graduates with skills that would make them agents of change and enable them do their work in line with the Christ-centred training background.  The School of Science, Engineering and Health of Daystar University has as its Motto “ Science for service, a simple statement but one that reminds each of our science graduates that they are servants even though they be leaders at work or service points.

Kenya entered the 21st century with a blast in the field of technology. In a span of a few years, the type writer was replaced by the computer, the telephone booth by the handset, phone lines are no longer fixed, cameras and tape recorders for news collection were replaced by tablets, bank halls are smaller and empty as banking went mobile or online. Exchange of information is at real time reducing distances and need for face to face meeting. The most life changing is the money transfer platforms like MPESA that has become a global phenomenon.

To be part of this ever-changing field, Daystar offers a degree in Applied Computer Science.  Daystar University  graduates in Computer science are pacesetters in the markets and have gone on to influence IT teaching up to University level, industry and specifically in the development of IT hubs and innovation centres. The university ensures that the curriculum keeps abreast with the changes in the field through continuous review of the curriculum.

Daystar University offer undergraduate degrees in the fields of Health: Daystar’s degree in Nursing trains both at generic and upgrading levels. Trained under the motto “ Christ-Centred nursing service”, the nurses do not just gain the skills but also the heart of serving, a character confirmed by the institutions where they work or go for clinical practicums. It is sobering to note that most of the Daystar Nursing graduates are absorbed by the Ministry of Health immediately after graduation.

Daystar also trains graduates in Actuarial Science. With the growth of technology and ensuring enlargement of businesses space, many Kenyans have taken to investing in existing businesses or starting their own business.  The risks of doing business has increased even as knowledge has grown. This creates a need for people with skill to  access  risks involved in the business as well as explain, educate and inform business community.

Research and Innovation is rapidly becoming the driver of development as people look for solutions to problems such as employment and emerging disease. Daystar University has a programme in Biomedical sciences, a research-based degree. The graduates of the biomedical program carryout innovative research, and look for solutions in medical field.

Thus, Daystar University has ably continued to contribute to the national development through providing skilled labor in the field of sciences, to the ever growing job market.