Pregnancy fashion: Is it about style, comfort or both?

Celebrity pregnancy fashion style (Photo: Courtesy)

“Pregnancy style is hard”, once said Kim Kardashian in an interview. Judging from her many looks while pregnant however, many would find it hard to believe her statement as she mostly nailed all her looks.

We all love a good fit but does the same count when one is pregnant? What matters more when one is expectant, is it the style or the comfort or both?

Would you rock bodycon dresses like Kim Kardashian (Photo: Courtesy)

While some choose to keep their outfits simple, others prefer to go all out and bring out their best outfits to play.

Let’s take a look at what a few celebrities maternity style.

As you assess the situation, some celebrities have managed to put their best foot forward while pregnant and have successfully pulled it off. Be it on the red carpet or while strolling down the streets, some celebs have impressed us with their maternity style.

Cardi B always looking fresh (Photo: Courtesy)

Style is personal and everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to one’s choice of dressing.

While we can’t stop heaping praises on a few celebrities whose choice of dressing while pregnant wowed us, some are of a negative opinion.

Rihanna has be having some daring looks (Photo: Courtesy)

Others have given the opinion that some outfits are too revealing and daring while others argue that you should wear whatever it is that makes you happy.

Remember Kim Kardashian’s daring looks on the carpet? Or her bodycon dresses look while strolling the streets?

Meghan Markle's pregnancy style was modest and stylish (Photo: Courtesy)

Lest we forget Rihanna’s daring pregnancy look that is causing ripples in the fashion world? Would you dare to rock that?

Or would you prefer Meghan Markle’s modest but stylish choice of dressing?

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