We don't have capacity to regulate Internet, says CS

Information and Communication Cabinet Secretary Joseph Mucheru

Digital content providers in Kenya have received a much-needed respite after the Government announced that it will not be regulating internet content as earlier feared.

Information and Communication Cabinet Secretary Joseph Mucheru (pictured) yesterday said neither the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) or the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) is equipped to regulate internet content.

“Providers like Netflix, YouTube and WhatsApp need a different set of regulations and policy which are yet to be developed... so regulators cannot claim to regulate them as yet,” he said. “We are going to start discussion with the ministry in terms of policy on how regulation for such content is managed and the direction will come from the Government,” he said.

Mucheru was speaking in response to sustained debate on the regulation of American video streaming service, Netflix, which last week announced an expansion plan in 130 countries globally, including Kenya.

The Kenya Film Classification Board last week stated that Netflix would be regulated under the similar code subjected to other local and international content distributors who use traditional channels like television, FM and film.

Communications Authority Director General Francis Wangusi had also stated Netflix will not be subject to local regulations given the nature of its distribution model.

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