11 more killed by Ethiopia raiders


By Lucas Ng’asike and Cyrus Ombati

Another 11 people are feared dead after Ethiopian fighters raided Kokuro, Turkana North District.

The Tuesday evening attack came barely a day after Merille raiders attacked Todonyang on Monday, leaving more than 30 people dead.

Turkana North DC Jack Obuo Thursday said he could not verify the number of people killed.

"As per now I cannot verify the number of people killed, but I will give details once my men return from the scene," Obuo Said.

The attack came even as the Government wrote a protest note to Ethiopia over the border clashes.

Internal Security Assistant Minister Orwa Ojode and Permanent Secretary Francis Kimemia told the Ethiopian authorities to arrest and prosecute those behind the killings that have also displaced hundreds of residents.

Residents of Kokuro were left in shock after Merille fighters from Ethiopia killed 11 people and stole animals on Tuesday evening. Some are now fleeing the area. [PHOTO: LUCAS NG’ASIKE /STANDARD]

Residents fleeing

The Government also asked Ethiopia to beef up security at the border to deter future incidents and possible retaliation.

"We cannot allow lawlessness to be the norm of the day in lawful society and that is why we are investigating to take action on the Kenyans who participated in the incident. We want the Ethiopians who also took part in the killings prosecuted," said Kimemia.

Speaking at the Office of the President, Harambee House, they announced a post to be manned by General Service Unit (GSU) and Administration Police officers will be opened at the main border.

"Government is relocating GSU and AP camps at Tondonyang to the actual border point, which is 14 kilometers away, to counter any revenge attacks between the warring communities," said Ojode.

In Turkana, a local civil society leader Nicholas Ekai said heavily armed raiders also drove away more than 4,000 animals. "Why should the Government allow its people to be butchered like this by foreign militia in their own territory yet it has the machinery to protect them?" he posed.

The incident has left in shock villagers in Kokuro, Meyan and Liwan where families have started fleeing.

The attack at Natete village came after a tour by a high-level security team led by Rift Valley Provincial Commissioner Osman Warfa.

In Todonyang, three more bodies of the Monday attack victims were found on the shores of Lake Turkana, bringing the number of bodies recovered to 23.

Turkana North MP John Munyes’s aide Moses Ikoel said the were bodies riddled with bullets.

Missionaries from the Todonyang Catholic Mission Church took the bodies to the church awaiting mass burial at the weekend.

Turkana North MP John Munyes Thursday flew back to the area to collect more details of the missing people. The Labour Minister claimed 50 more people were still missing and are suspected to have been abducted or killed in Merille villages.

Schools in Todonyang have been closed as residents flee. "The area has been deserted and the Merille continue to provoke the security personnel manning the border," Munyes said.

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