Do not arm private security firms-KISA



The Kenya Security Industry Association (KSIA) is strongly opposed to the issuing of guns to the private security industry in Kenya.

KISA Chairman, Coxton Munyoki, said the government should re-think or fill up the loopholes its Security Industry Regulation Bill .

"I am asking the government to re-think more care fully about arming private security Firm before it becomes an issue" said Munyoki.

He said that the 24 leading security companies are working very closely with armed police who are trained to work with firearms to respond to emergencies.

He added that the combination with the police is very effective in providing armed response, without the need to increase the number of guns and open dangers that can arise from private gun squads.


Vigorous training

He noted that the police have gone for vigorous training for years and while security firms have very minimal training and very little if any in using fire arms.

"Other groups like the Mugingki will take advantage of the new law… how will the government vet the security companies that will get the firearms," he wondered.

Private Security Industry Regulations Bill 2010 seeks to arm private security firms under the strict supervision.

The proposed Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority will supervise the firms.

Guns and ammunition will be issued under the Firearms Act or guidelines provided by the Internal Security minister.

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