CBC will create jobs, drive economy

The country’s education future greatly relies on today’s planning. This is through imparting basic skills in learners, as provided by the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC).

The system will encourage specialisation there by widening the job market thus curbing unemployment that is affecting many youths.

As learners venture into the disciplines they are comfortable in and explore their talents, this will enhance development of the country. 

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CBC will be more practical and will churn out learners who will be self-reliant in the job market especially the technical fields.

The CBC will be key in achievement of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s big four agenda that seeks to drive universal healthcare, manufacturing, affordable housing and food security.

The learner-centred curriculum will promote research hence create solutions to environmental, social and political challenges in the nation.

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Learners in the 8-4-4 system of education have been looking upon the Government to employ them but lack of basic competencies has led to high unemployment rates.

The new curriculum should be the bedrock on which Vision 2030 and the big four agenda should be anchored on. 

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Letter to the editor from Robinson Mwinjiro, Kabarak University.

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