DRC businesses protest Mombasa port multiple taxation

MOMBASA, KENYA: Democratic Republic of Congo businesspersons is outraged over multiple taxations of imported goods at the Port of Mombasa. 

The importers said they are faced with the loss of business due to the multiple charges by OGEFREM, their equivalent of the Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA).

Led by their representative Kambale Mukokoma, the Congolese businessmen stated they would soon be forced to ground their clearing and forwarding activities over the multiple taxations unless their concerns were addressed. 

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Mukokoma noted, since the arrival of OGEFREM in Mombasa, Congolese cargo transiting through the port of Mombasa is subjected to heavy taxation before loading for the final destination to the DRC. 

The importers said they were not consulted and were therefore not a party to the decisions to pay extra taxes, which they claim will add to the cost of doing business. 

"Today we regret once again that OGEFREM has blocked the release of our containers because we have categorically refused to pay twice for the same document called FERI while shippers have paid approximately $300 for it from the port of origin,'' he said.

He added that all these are being done ostensibly to help in the monitoring of Congo-bound cargo.

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