Amazon unveils 15 Alexa enabled products

Amazon Unveiling its Alexa enabled Products in Seattle [Photo Courtesy]
Amazon has introduced Alexa-enabled products on microwaves, clocks and car gadgets. All these gadgets will be using voice assistance technology.

This follows an announcement at an event in Seattle on Thursday cementing the company’s commitment of investing in voice assistance space.

Additionally, the company is set to introduce a direct connection of Alexa to third-party devices as is the case with Bluetooth. It too upgraded its speaker Echo Dot that has been leading in client purchases for a long time now.

Alexa-Enabled Microwave operates under voice commands in microwaving any food. The company announced that the product will be very efficient in all its functions.

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Amazons vice President David Limp says that the new voice assistant microwave and Echo dot will go for $59.99 and $49.99 in that order.

The new Echo dot has Echo Plus feature that has got clearer speaker with smart sound and enhanced bass and internal temperature sensors. It will cost $149 in any country where Alexa has foot.

The Wall clock also uses Echo technology in setting timers and it will cost $30.

Another device that Amazon launched was Echo Auto which will be used in the car. The new technology is made from Amazons newly developed operating system.

The device connects automatically when the car is started either through Bluetooth or any auxiliary jack. This device will use GPRS technology that allows it to give commands to a driver when approaching dark lit places, call a user’s home, read audible book as well as asking where new stores, restaurants are.

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The device works closely with other applications such as Waze, Apple Maps and Google Maps in locating and accessing places where the driver does not know. The device will go for $49.

The newly improved technology has a peculiar ability of taking commands even when the user is whispering and reply through the same.

Other products include; Echo show, Echo features for kids and new Alexa features.

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