Woman loses new job over foul mouth

A young woman in the US is ruing the day she let her fingers do the thinking for her, Donald Trump style. The woman had bagged internship with NASA, the outer space experts.

This, she thought gave her the bragging rights and bragging she did, using language that made her Sunday school teacher blush.

The lady tweeted "I got accepted for a NASA internship," adding a sentence with profanity to express excitement.

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A former NASA engineer responded to the tweet with, “Language!”

Even after a NASA board member counseled her, through social media to watch her language, she went ballistic using expletives that made her peers cringe.

She replied the engineer with another vulgar tweet, adding at the end of it, "I'm working for NASA."

The engineer answered: "And I am on the National Space Council that oversees NASA."

Now the woman in her twenties is looking for another job and she has now been driven out of her social media by her rashness.

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