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Safaricom launches Flex to boost Local Entrepreneurs

By Rading Biko | Published Mon, April 10th 2017 at 16:09, Updated April 10th 2017 at 16:21 GMT +3

Kenyans have a strong spirit of entrepreneurship and they are always looking to maximize the value offered by their small businesses.

Most entrepreneurs make use of bulk SMS messaging a friendlier option or the lessening of transaction fees in purchasing a product are some not-so-small solutions that would make the life of Kenyan entrepreneurs a lot easier.

Kenya’s leading mobile operator Safaricom has launched a product named 'Flex' that gives you the freedom to choose how they allocate airtime for calls, SMS or data services. 

At the moment Safaricom customers purchase bundles or airtime in fixed amounts, which are mostly pre-determined. Flex will enable them convert their regular airtime into units, which they will be able to use to gain 35 percent savings on calls, texts or internet. Flex customers to earn loyalty points every time they send above KES 100 on M-Pesa.

There are three Flex options: Daily Flex costs KES 99 and provides 115 Flex Units; Weekly Flex costs KES 599 for 700 units; and Monthly Flex costs KES 2,499 for 3,100 units, valid for 30 days. Customers can roll over any unused units by renewing their existing Flex bundles before expiry.

Every Flex unit is worth 3 MB of data, 20 seconds of call time or three SMS. Customers with an active Flex plan will earn three free Flex units every time they send money on M-Pesa.

All Safaricom customers can access the Flex proposition using the short code *100# for pre-paid customers and *200# for postpaid customers or by visiting a Safaricom shop.