Billdu invoice app - start your small business from here

Taking a step in the business is not as tricky as many people may think as everything has some simple or most demanding way to do your work in easy steps.

Fear of making loses has seen some people give business a second thought.

Due to the bundle of work in the business, some are unable to make the bills or invoice for the goods.

What is an Invoice?

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This is the commercial document issued by the seller towards the buyer. It has all data regarding the good, which a seller sells to the person. On the other hand, this is the way to keep record of goods.

The best invoice has details of the product like its quantity, price, characteristics, quality or the selling date with additional payment terms like payment methods.

Many people are just afraid to make the invoice. During the invoice making process, sometimes a person will get errors or some miss understanding that may give the significant loss in later life.

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The business will inevitably depend on the invoice. Invoices will give the records from which an executive will judge how much money the gets.

There is no more need to get worried on the invoice making process, more so in the digital era.

Currently there are applications such as Billdu, which simplifies the invoice making process

Such applications eliminates the paper work associated with traditions invoices. They are downloadable and saved on personal computers, mobile phone or the laptop for life or also are printed out for the customers.

Billdu invoice app allows user to enter product details or get your invoice before the time.

How it works

Creation of Simple Invoices

Install the app and then add all products details or start creating the invoices.

Go Mobiles

You can get the invoice-building app on your mobile phone. Whenever you are closing the day in your business, get the review from entire invoices from your phone.

Fast payment

From the Billdu invoice app, you will be able to give your customer instant payment option. Just add the pay button from which your customer will quickly transfer the money at your account or your invoice.

Purchase Orders

In business always, the orders will come fast, however due to lack of online management you may be overwhelmed in the execution. The new technology will aid you in getting orders before time.

Recurring Invoice

Automating invoice creation or saving the data will save your time. So, add the information of the product and the invoice creation procedure will be started quickly.

Export Invoice

Exporting invoice in the desired format with the best cubage of the product details will be available just in Billdu invoice app.

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