ODM Condemns Migori chaos that were labeled assassination attempt on Joho.

Orange Democratic Movement ( ODM) national elections board has condemned the violence that rocked an event in Migori County where the county offices were set to be opened.

Mrs. Judy Pareno, the board's chairperson while at Bomas where the party issued nomination certificates to unopposed candidates said the party could not afford taking part in violence saying those found to have been part of the chaos will face disciplinary action once investigations are over.

"We have had violence in Migori and as a party, we cannot afford to be chaotic. If one is found to have committed such an offense, it will lead to disqualification," said Mrs. Pareno.

Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohammed and ODM Deputy Party leader Hassan Joho were to grace the event where Mr. Junet was also determined to launch his campaign to defend his seat on an ODM ticket.

Unknown people were reported to have used a petrol bomb to destroy the new party offices leading to chaos as party supporters at the venue ran for their safety following gunshots that could be heard.

KTN News reporter Rashid Ronald who was covering the event said the situation had turned hell on earth following act by unknown people.

"Migori is now hell-on-earth as everyone is running for their safety," reported Ronald on phone.

The chaos have occurred as political temperatures in various parts of the country are rising as political parties prepare for primaries starting later this week.

Party primaries are key in believed stronghold areas as a win at nominations to aspirants is as good as an election.

Mrs. Pareno said the party was keen on delivering free and fair nominations calling on speedy investigations into the Migori incident to have culprits identified and subjected to the law.

Governor Joho's bodyguard has been reported to have been injured during skirmishes which the Suna East MP has labeled an assassination attempt on Mr. Joho by unknown people.