Why Mike Sonko might be President in 2022

Kenya's hunt for President Kenyatta's replacement in the 2022 elections has been a nightmare for many, as some community leaders continue to pick sides while others watch on.

With the infamous "handshake" in place and its effects stirring up tensions in both coalition camps, Deputy President William Ruto has intensified his development projects across the country targeting to have his foot on Jubilee strongholds.

However, it seems the D.P is not the only one eyeing the presidency. Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is feeling the heat too.The Nairobi Boss had announced earlier this year that he would not seek a second term at City hall but did not mention where next his political aspirations would take him.

Perhaps the Governor is a strong believer of actions speak louder than words, and rather prefers we read his next career move from his actions. The once dubbed "Kenya's most stylish politician" may be the next successor to the Presidency going by the on going war on graft and recovery of public lands in Nairobi.

Sonko has taken the latter close to heart, recently blowing the whistle on cases of corruption and exposing cartels behind grabbing of hauls of land and employing NYS's "Green Mamba" in taking down the properties on those lands.

His latest exposè being the County's Bursary Fund Fuss. In a Facebook post seen by the Standard, Sonko unearthed private companies posing as Educational Centers to defraud the county, funds amounting to 357M.

The matter has been reported to the relevant bodies including the DCI and the EACC for further investigations.The vocal Governor has also gotten closer to the President, seeking fatherly advice and direction in handling administration matters.

This was not the case before, as Sonko seemed a rebellious son even though he remained a Jubilee die-hard. Well, it seems the prodigal son has returned home, and is willing to build bridges with Kenyatta just like Odinga, and may be take his place in 2022.

This, however, remains a riddle that we cannot help but watch it unfold, even though close observers and allies of the Governor believe that Mike Sonko might just be Uhuru's successor.