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Every Kenyan man wishes their wife prepared these foods [PHOTOS]
By Wanja Lilian | Updated Jun 16, 2018 at 11:42 EAT
Ugali is one of the popular ones [COURTESY]

What do you cook for your husband when in a good mood?

There are some foods Kenyan men crave all the time and finding a lady who prepares them is a plus 

It is the 21st century and unlike in the past where the woman belonged to the kitchen, today’s woman is busy making things happen.

This means that some tasks such as cooking have been relegated to the backburner.

However, that does not mean that men do not enjoy a good homemade meal.

The Kenyan man thinks that there are some basic foods that every woman should know how to prepare. 


Ugali is arguably the best meal for the regular Kenyan man.


With maize being the Kenyan staple food and readily available, a Kenyan woman should be able to make a githeri meal. Githeri is basically a boiled mixture of beans and maize.


According TO the few men I talked to, a good Kenyan wife should be able to fix yummy chapos, especially hwn you're expecting company. 


This delicious and popular Swahili delicacy should not miss from the list.

Nyama fry

Of course as an accompaniment to Ugali and chapos, the Kenyan mama should be able to prepare a sweet stew of nyama fry.

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