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Why it is better to marry a girl from 'Ushago' than a city slay queen
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Sep 21, 2017 at 08:45 EAT
Upcountry girls know what you want when you want i

There has been a huge debate over which girl is the best to marry - City girls or those from Upcountry

There are several reasons why you should ignore that city girl and slide towards the 'úshago' chick

Getting a woman from Ushago (upcountry) seems to be a hectic job.

You will have to teach her how to iron clothes, how not to put shoes in the fridge, how to operate the TV, how to chat on Whatsapp, how not to entertain strangers while you are absent amongst other primitive behaviours.

But you would love to reconsider the upcountry girl for a partner. They are the best choice if you want a homemaker and a keeper.

Here is a contrast between the upcountry girl and the city slay queen.


An upcountry girl will treat you like a king

The upcountry girl understands that a home is the man’s palace, the man is the king and she is the queen. So the moment the king gets home from work, it is the duty of the queen to make the king feel at home automatically without being asked or being pushed about it. Unlike the city girl who is never submissive and is against wearing the wife’s when at home.

Upcountry girls are the best cooks compared to city girls

You will have to agree with me on with this one. The upcountry girl can prepare the best dish, the way you love it, anytime you want it. Even if you arrived home late from work and you needed some beef with Pilau, she will be obliged to cook some. Compared to the city girl who can only to serve you black tea and beaten eggs for supper.

Upcountry girl knows how to treat a man

The upcountry girl is the type of woman you would always love to go home to. Her warmth welcomes you after a long day at the office and she always wants to know if you are able to secure a contract with that potential client before she serves you supper. Unlike the city girl who is happy today and is moody tomorrow.

Upcountry girl is easy to keep up with

The upcountry girl is confident to ask for what she wants because she knows it is your pleasure to provide it to her, be it that Ankara dress she saw in a magazine or a new look she wants you to try out, she will say it without fear. The city girl is the exact opposite, she would not ask if in case she wants everything but will through signals here and there hoping you can decipher.

Upcountry girl has strong family values

The country girl adores the idea of having a family and nurturing kids and won’t be quick to file a divorce when things are not going her way. The city girl will leave with your car, debit card plus sweep everything clean from your house.

Upcountry girls are true to themselves

An upcountry girl would not try to pull a Lady Gaga outfit because she knows she will look confused and wants to look modest compared to the city girl who will wear a miniskirt when you are at your mother’s.


Upcountry girls appreciate the little things

Upcountry girls will acknowledge your efforts to impress her. She does not mind if the gift you bought for her was a penny, what ‘woos’ her is the intention behind the gift. Compared to the city girl who would push you to by her the same engagement ring she saw on her friend’s finger at the same shop and at the same price.

Upcountry girls are committed compared to city girls

The upcountry girl understands that in relationships, IN means IN and out means out. She does not juggle around with your feelings compared to a city girl who wants a good time with ‘no-strings-attached’ or even cheat with a best friend two weeks before your wedding.

Upcountry girl has more respect than the city girl

The upcountry girl will respect your family, friends and workmates compared to the city girl who will start heckling and throwing tantrums the moment the boys pay you a visit.

The upcountry girl is a defender

The upcountry will not go around spilling the beans to her friends or on live radio on how you are poor in bed. The City girl, however, will go speaking about her sexual dissatisfaction to your closest neighbours.

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