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Jubilee are trying to fix the Judiciary, says NASA lawyer
By Killiad Msafiri | Updated Sep 19, 2017 at 13:03 EAT
Lawyers Otiende Amollo and James Orengo

Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo has hit out at the Jubilee government over attempts he says are meant to threaten the independence of the Judiciary

This comes on the backdrop of a petition lodged by Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu against Chief Justice David Maraga, who he blamed for initiating a civilian coup

The petition that sought to oust Maraga faced a huge backlash largely from Opposition supporters and was withdrawn after Uhuru Kenyatta’s request to Hon Wambugu.

However, Dr Otiende Amollo who was also NASA’s lawyer in the presidential petition claimed this was a well-planned scheme by Jubilee operatives after President Kenyatta said during a rally that they shall revisit the Judiciary.

“We started receiving messages of a big announcement at the Supreme Court the night before the petition was filed. Everything was planned beforehand including Jubilee’s statement of distancing itself from the petition,” he said.

Furthermore, the Senior Counsel said that any case filed against a Supreme Court judge is filed at the Judicial Service Commission and not at the Supreme Court.

“The petition was to be filed at Mayfair Centre where the JSC offices are located but Jubilee chose the Supreme Court intentionally to create drama and pass their message.

Hon Otiende Amollo also reacted to the recent petition filed against Justices Philomena Mwilu and Isaac Lenaola which alleges that they were in constant communication with NASA lawyers during the hearing of the presidential petition.

“The only way one can get access to telephone logs and conversation is if they are National Intelligence Service (NIS) operatives and this petition is a statement to judges that they are being watched. This is clearly to threaten the Supreme Court judges ahead of giving their final judgement” He added.

Additionally, the Rarieda MP claimed that Jubilee is also sending a message to all the judges that will be presiding to petitions involving Jubilee and NASA candidates across the country.

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