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TALK OF THE DAY: Police brutality unacceptable in civilised society
By TOTD | Updated Aug 14, 2017 at 07:33 EAT
Police brutality in Kibera
  • 24 protesters have been killed according to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights over the past few days following the just ended Kenya's general elections.
  • The most affected areas in Kenya were Kibera and Mathare North in Nairobi County and areas in Kisumu County

Reports by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights that up to 24 protesters have been killed by police in the past few days are saddening. This is police brutality and we must all condemn it in the strongest terms possible. In a democratic society such as ours, police are supposed to protect citizens and their property. It is sad that the law enforcers are doing the direct opposite. There is no justification whatsoever for anyone to take somebody else's life. The correct thing to do would be to arrest any suspects and charge them in a court of law, depending on available evidence. For this government to win our confidence in its ability to protect us, it must take action against killer police officers. David Sonye, Rarieda.

Efforts to achieve the elusive gender equality have received a major boost following the election of several women. At least three women have been elected governor - Charity Ngilu of Kitui, Joyce Laboso of Bomet, and Anne Waiguru, who will be the governor of Kirinyaga. Several others have been elected senator and MP. Even though this still falls short of the two-thirds requirement, it is a major improvement and it is an indication the gender requirement will eventually be realised in the near future. Kenyans have realised women can make good leaders. Mwari Maina, Nyeri.

Many people expected the worst when Kenyans went to the polls on Tuesday. And apart from a few cases of protests, the country has remained peaceful. Kudos to all Kenyans. Let us now go back to our normal business and continue building our country. We don't have to fight because our candidate lost. Remember, it doesn't matter who becomes president; you must work to eat and pay your bills. At the same time, the politicians who make us fight are friends. Carol Githenji, Nakuru

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