Police brutality

  • Outcry as Standard journalist arrested

    1 day ago
    Journalist arrested after taking photos of law enforcement officers harassing residents in Eldoret town
  • Search for Baby Pendo’s killers begins

    6 days ago
    The search for the killers of six-month old Baby Samantha Pendo has commenced with opening of a public inquest file at Kisumu Magistrate Court. Baby Pendo died on August 15 after she was allegedly struck on the head by anti-riot police officers using a blunt object on the night of August 11, following the protests which hit Kisumu after the declaration of President Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of the August 8 presidential election.
  • NASA leaders mourn with families of slain victims

    1 week ago
    NASA leaders made their way to the city mortuary on Thursday morning to mourn with the friends and relatives of fallen opposition supporters, whom they claim are victims of police brutality. 16 bodies were collected from the mortuary grounds for burial, among them the body of seven-year- old Geoffrey Mutinda who was allegedly shot dead by rogue police at his home, when violent protests ensued during a parallel rally at the Jacaranda grounds over two weeks ago.
  • Raila tells off Western governments

    1 week ago
    National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga has strongly condemned western envoys for meddling in Kenya’s political affairs while turning their back on police brutality.
  • Fight for your rights whether you think you’ll win or lose

    1 week ago
    It’s been quiet. One could even go so far as to say peaceful. The tribal chatter on social media has quietened, mostly because those who are celebrating five more years of Jubilee are breathing a little easier. With the swearing in of Uhuru Kenyatta, there is little need to lash out in defence of a long line of indefensibles, including the mindless murder of children. The house on the hill has been secured, and the time has come to be gracious and conciliatory. Well, for the most part.
  • NASA: Uhuru to blame for police brutality, killings

    2 weeks ago
    NASA has criticised President Uhuru Kenyatta for not condemning police killings and brutality meted on innocent Kenyans during this year’s election period.
  • Victims share their stories of pain and anger

    2 weeks ago
    Violent confrontations between police and NASA supporters leave trail of death and injuries.
  • Families receive bodies of street demo victims

    2 weeks ago
    Opposition leaders vow to sue the State for compensation, blaming police for the killings.
  • Trigger-happy police officers should be held accountable

    2 weeks ago
    The latest cases of suspected police killings include that of seven-year-old Geoffrey Mutinda, whose life was snuffed by a bullet while innocently playing on the balcony of their rental house in Pipeline Estate, Nairobi, on Tuesday this week
  • Police face public outrage for manhandling women

    2 weeks ago
    Kenyans have once more lashed out at police applying excessive force on women and children during a clash between National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters at Jacaranda on Tuesday.
  • About time the police stopped doing government's dirty bidding

    2 weeks ago
    In the heat of things before the October 26 presidential poll, the police unleashed terror on nonconformist residents in parts of Luo Nyanza who refused to be party to what they believed was a charade.
  • Cry for justice for seven-year-old felled by bullet

    2 weeks ago
    Parents and residents are pointing an accusing finger at the police, who were in the area quelling violent protests.
  • Man who faced the police with a Bible

    2 weeks ago
    Samuel Baraka is only two years old, but he vividly recalls an encounter with the police inside their single-roomed house in Kawangware 56 area.
  • Raila launches Paybill for post election victims

    3 weeks ago
    The National Super Alliance (NASA) has unveiled a new Airtel Paybill number to fundraise for supporters who have died across the country.
  • Raila dares Uhuru to imprison him

    3 weeks ago
    Opposition leader Raila Odinga has taken a swipe at President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta following the alleged shooting of his supporters when he returned from his US trip last week.
  • Why NASA will hold fundraiser today

    3 weeks ago
    The National Super Alliance (NASA) has announced it will today hold a fundraiser at the Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi.
  • NASA plans to have parallel rally on Tuesday

    3 weeks ago
    Opposition has placed an obituary containing the names of 27 supporters who died in protests
  • NASA turns to ICC and other bodies over killings

    3 weeks ago
    Opposition believes State is using brute force to cow citizens into submission
  • Raila: Uhuru has blood of innocent Kenyans on his hands

    4 weeks ago
    National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga has condemned violent incidences that marred his return from the US on Friday, November 17.
  • Police mishandled Raila return resulting in needless conflict

    4 weeks ago
    The running battles between the two groups did not just result in deaths and injuries, they also disrupted traffic in Nairobi, inconveniencing thousands of commuters.