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OPINION: Raila should stop creating unnecessary panic among Kenyans
By Musa Hassan | Updated Jul 23, 2017 at 08:48 EAT
Hon. Raila Odinga

As the country tentatively moves towards election day on the 8th of August, Nasa's top gun, Raila Odinga should stop creating unnecessary panic among Kenyans.

As the Jubilee and Nasa political outfits coral voters into their respective vote baskets, Raila Odinga has found it opportune to apportion blame some would say, willy-nilly.

Just the other day, honourable Raila came out pronto with an alleged list of 42 police officers whom he claimed were reportedly deployed by the Government to rig the elections in her favour.

Before that, he disparaged the role of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and alleged that they were being used to do the same thing-ostensibly rig the elections in Jubilee's favour.

He also equally accused the ministry of the interior and the high-flying cabinet secretary, honourable Fred Matiangi of being used to tilt the outcome of the elections.

It goes without saying that the polls are now only less than three weeks away and so it would be unpatriotic for Raila to raise political temperatures at such a critical phase in the electoral process.

Me thinks the doyen of opposition politics has realised that the current political terrain does not favour Nasa and has therefore decided to cry wolf.

He has repeatedly vilified the electoral elections and boundaries commission (IEBC), doubted the credibility of the election kit and has equally besmirched the army, police and everyone else in between.

Bastardizing the whole electoral process while shepherding a flock of supporters into an election whose outcome could be contested for months on end as has been the case in the past, won't help the Nasa supremo and if anything could be driving away support from Nasa.

The more Raila continues coming up with theories about election rigging, the more voters realise perhaps he is sensing defeat and is therefore looking for convenient scapegoats.

The time for Raila and Nasa to tone down the rhetoric is now and they should learn to get on with the business of stumping for votes in a peaceful way without raising political temperatures.

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