Father's Day without Ivan Semwanga, Zari hospitalised as sons says it's never the same at Diamond's house

Diamond Platinumz family could be on the roughest part of their journey given the recent series of misfortunes that have faced the couple, Zari and Diamond.

It is barely a month since Ugandan tycoon Ivan Semwanga, Zari’s ex-husband died and on Friday Semwanga’s mother was hospitalised in South Africa.

All has not been well with the couple since the moment Zari visited her ex-husband as he lied on his deathbed.

After the burial of the tycoon Zari appeared concerned over who would raise their children and she is believed to have got a good share of the property Ivan left. As this happened, possible disagreements with her husband lingered as Diamond posted pictures of Zari posing with a man at swimming pool, she later explained that the man was Ivan’s brother.

Diamond in the post said such (details of the picture) could be among reasons he would occasionally choose to cheat on his wife. Clearly, Zari and her family are now going through a lot and it’s hard for them.

On Monday, Diamond posted pictures of Zari lying in a hospital bed and said “Get well soon mama tee,”

Neither Diamond nor Zari has made any updates on any developments on her health and it is unclear if she spent the night at the facility or discharged.

Zari’s update on her mother-in-law’s ailment read;


Semwanga’s children were now living at Diamond’s house where they celebrated Father’s Day, sending this heartfelt tribute to their biological dad;

“Dad, so many thoughts come to our mind whenever we speak of your name; it seems without you in our lives things will never be the same. We think of the good old days when we were still so little; consumed in your love, and in your smile. Those days are gone and no matter what we do, life will never be the same! Oh dad, if only we could turn back the hands of time and hear your voice once more, but god called you to a better place, so peaceful and free of pain and when we see you sleeping, we can only wish the best for you,”

This emotional tribute has all it would need to remind Zari of her moments with Ivan, whether it triggers any leads to her hospitalisation, it’s you to revisit and judge.