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MPs right to reject changes to bill
By Douglas Mwale | Updated Feb 20, 2017 at 14:36 EAT

The bill sponsored by Busia Woman Representative Florence Mutua seeking to define what constitutes sexual offences was ill-advised.

I agree with the male legislators who ganged up to throw the bill out not because I’m a man but because I am just being logical.

The bill sought criminalise unwanted body contact in public.

Ms Mutua seems not to have knowledge of the extent to which our gathering places are usually congested.

Some places such as trains and ferries are always packed and the chances of body contact are almost assured.

In addition, the section of the bill that would have criminalised ogling would have been almost impossible to enforce.

However, it did have a section - seeking to tame sexual harassment of girls and women - that ought to have been retained.

The part that sought to ban out-of-court settlements of sexual harassment cases was a good one.

In general, the bill seemed to favour females and could have been detrimental to men and the country at large.

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