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Raila needs to clear the air on the allegations leveled against him
By FRANCIS OKELO | Updated Feb 14, 2017 at 08:20 EAT
The allegations by the Dominion Farm Proprietor Calvin Burges that Hon. Raila Odinga and his right-hand men tried to extort campaign money from him has struck a chord of accusation from Jubilee protagonists.
Smarting from numerous accusations of corruption by Hon. Odinga, the unfolding story of extortion could not have come at a better time for the Jubilee Party. That is why the leader of Majority in Parliament, Hon Aden Duale and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign chairperson Mr. Raphael Tuju lurched on to the allegations to make minced meat out of it. Therefore, to play it and score brownie points, the duo started it by provoking the former Prime Minister to react on the allegation leveled against him. Mind you, this is an election year, and politicians are busy digging out the passed with a view to maligning others politically.

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Say the truth, Raila has a commanding presence, radiates power and has a political constituency countrywide. In addition, who know, he might cap it all by winning the Presidency in 2017. That considered affords Jubilee the opportunity to capitalize on anything that portrays Raila in bad light making it fodder for them. The heart of the problem is that politicians across the political divide are adept at postulating the presence of allegations of wrongdoing objectively even one is not guilty. One’s critiques would in their true nature force the life-situation to fit procrustean their intended purpose. This way, they tend to put to question the integrity of the accused, put in check his or her moral probity socially or politically. The question, when one makes a moral choice, is he supposed to be subservient to his/her moral principle? All said and done, the buck stops with Mr. Raila to shed some light on the alleged ‘extortion’ and stop the ridicule and political torment his competitors may propagate on him going forward. It is understood that Raila promised action on those found culpable in the allegations. This sounds good, but it will be effective if found guilty for one to be put behind bars.

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