Jakoyo Midiwo is simply envious of Rasanga

A few weeks ago, goons attacked Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo’s convoy in Siaya and damaged his car. One person was injured. However, what was interesting was how Midiwo was quick to blame Governor Cornell Rasanga over the attack even before establishing the facts.

Thus the question begs; why was Midiwo convinced that the governor sent goons to attack him? It is not lost on us that Midiwo and Rasanga have not been the best of friends. Midiwo has always attacked the governor and will always find reasons to disparage him.

Midiwo does not seem to appreciate anything Rasanga does, and the idea is to discredit the governor ahead of next year’s elections. The MP is opposed to a plan by Rasanga to build a Sh100 million university in the county, and even accused the governor of illegally allocating funds to the proposed Barack Obama University. Midiwo argued the function fell under the national government.

The legislator also alleged that the university, to be put up at Siaya Agricultural Training Centre, was a private project, and wondered why it was being funded by public money. Rasanga has denied this claim. However, everyone would have thought Midiwo would support the initiative as it will benefit locals. It is obvious that the MP is envious of the governor.

It is not also true that farmers will lose out as the new university will continue offering agricultural courses. Besides taking higher learning to the people, the university will also provide locals with links to other universities in the world. For instance, Florida University in the US has promised to donate equipment to the county, but could only do so through a university based in the county.

Midiwo should allow the governor to do his job and wait for elections to fight him at the ballot box.