The painful reality of what it takes to be a campus gentleman

It is obvious that a gentleman has to conduct himself in some habits that favour women at most times. For instance, he is expected to open doors for her, give her his jacket when cold sets in, compliment her sincerely and often, pay for her bills among others.

Campus is one of the best places where a growing man can practise his entire gentleman skills, thanks to the presence of the opposite gender in these academic institutions. Not until lately, one could notice enormous weird behaviours of some campus young men.

Normally, we expect each and every student to be the cook in his kitchen and wash the utensils. Not until recently some norms have been broken for the sake of making others happy. Some campus men will rather wash utensils and scrub cooking pots in the ladies’ hostels.

Hard to believe that the owner of the utensils might be comfortably watching a movie she cannot pause even for a moment. Maybe some men are losing their place in the society and the reverse works best for them. Imagine being spotted in a kitchen full of ladies washing their utensils and comfortably scrubbing their cooking pot. Haha man, this is a big joke. ‘Kama ni kuitwa gentleman, acha ikae.’ If doing all these things will cause one to be called a gentleman, I would rather pass.

You call her awesome, babe and all the sweet nothings yet you are the number one enemy to her. She sneers at you when you are past her. She back bites you, creates untruthful stories about you; just because you want to be a gentleman to her you blind yourself with the unpleasant names to her ears. Alright, it will cost you your dignity and you will be worth a slave to your own self.

A campus gentleman can use all his last coins to buy her ‘chipo’ and sausage yet meals such as breakfast and lunch are mistakably added to the day times or rather in the dictionaries. He can go hungry to make her feel cared for.

Most campus gentlemen approve the phrase, ‘mwanaume ni effort’. Some will just forgo their urgent duties to escort that beautiful lasso with a curvy fruity body to the supermarkets to carry her shopping. Funny, he will not be bought for even a sweet. It is not outlawed to perform such actions but be vigilant. You might just be the ‘punda’ of her time.

There are a number of cases concerning alcoholic ladies in campuses. Sometimes they take the advantage to call an innocent gentlemen in the middle of the night just to pick them from the clubs. Just because you showed an interest in her, you hurriedly take the chance but not the advantage.

Furthermore, some campus gentlemen will escort their ‘girlfriends’ to their boyfriends claiming that they are offering security, not knowing that they are just giving company. That is what it takes to be a campus gentleman, you escort a lady to the ‘fisi’ unknowingly.

Certainly, some will pretend to be complimenting half-naked donned campus ladies. Sometimes they will love walking with such beauties but in their hearts they dislike it.