• Eight Murang'a youths supported by CDF qualify as pilots

    6 days ago
    Mathioya MP Clement Wambugu said the eight had all the skills required by the aviation industry and obtained Private Practice Licences as well as commercial licences, allowing them to fly passenger planes.
  • The National Democratic Institute (NDI) empowers Kisumu youths to take up leadership roles

    1 week ago
    The National Democratic Institute (NDI) has today 13th March 2017 begun a three day training at The Vic Hotel, Kisumu County, to train serious youth aspirants on transformative leadership, campaign planning and preparation and alternative dispute resolution--negotiation skills--under the stewardship of Wanjiku Mbugua who is a consultant on governance, gender and communications
  • Youths in plot to take over political leadership

    3 weeks ago
    Walter Mounde and Timothy Rioba have vowed to work hard to beat Kiangoi Ombasa, who is now in his 60s, Eric Okong'o Mong'are, who is in his late 40s, and Mose Nyambega who is in his 50s.
  • Yes, the youth have a stake in Kenya’s future

    1 month ago
    Rabindranath Tagore, an eighteenth century artist, writer and musician once gave a four-word piece of advice that Kenyan youths need to act on, ‘Age considers; youth ventures.’
  • Why we should understand the youths

    1 month ago
    Have you ever been in a situation where your mind finds it hard to adapt, even hard to grasp what to do in a certain environment?

    1 month ago
    Starehe MP Maina Kamanda joined Ndua FC Youths and Melon FC to celebrate the launch of Maina Kamanda cup in Landi Mawe last weekend.
  • Frustrations of the youths and the need for change

    1 month ago
    This being an election year brings a new set of uncertainties. For those unfamiliar with my anxiety in relation to this year’s general election is that in many ways the run-up to it reflects the run-up to the 2007 elections.
  • What Kenyans youths seeking employment should know

    1 month ago
    Many youths in Kenya are grappling with unemployment.This has pushed a number of people to take advantage of these youths who are seeking employment.There is a cartel that has emerged which print placard and display them everywhere with vacancies on them.
  • Betting: A new threat to Kenya's youths

    1 month ago
    Kenyans are known to be fast adapters. Both for the good and the bad, the profitable and unprofitable.
  • Are the youths ready to take over leadership in our country?

    1 month ago
    I have been a strong crusader on the need for the youth to grab opportunities that are present in our country. I am a strong believer on the capabilities of our youths to deliver and steer this country into the right direction both politically and economically.
  • What drives muslim youths to radicalization in Kenya

    1 month ago
    There is no contradiction between being Muslim and being a Christian, Hindu, or even a pagan. My religion is as much as part of my identity as being a Somali, a proud Kenyan son.
  • Jobs are unreliable but agribusiness is the way to go

    2 months ago
    Young people from Subukia sub-county have been urged to turn to agriculture as one of the avenues where they can sustain themselves rather than looking on getting employed in offices to earn a living.
  • A good deal for youths in Kenya

    2 months ago
    Article 55 of the Kenyan constitution defines youth as those aged between 18 and 35.Youth make up the highest percentage of Kenya’s population, unfortunately, a large percentage of this population is unemployed and feel disadvantaged in terms of access to opportunities, representation, and participation.