Family in Malava being terrorised by evil spirits

Malava, Kenya: Fear has gripped a family living in Mahira village, Malava constituency over alleged invasion of dark forces.

Speaking to The Standard, Daniel Lucheri said his family is being terrorised by unseen things that keep throwing objects at them and that even caused his house to get burned.

"We have been unable to sleep for the past one week and appear to be haunted by evil spirits, which I do not understand where they have come from. Our doors and windows keep being opened at night and large stones thrown from outside into the house," he said.

Lucheri said when his children sit down to have any meal, their food is snatched away from them and this has caused their health to begin to deteriorate, which is also affecting their studies.

"My children do not want to stay at home due to fear of having pangas and stones thrown at them. I called a priest to come and pray for us and immediately he left, we heard the voice of a man asking us why we sought help from church. That same evening the house was burned down," Lucheri said.

To make matters worse, the children are now unable to go to school because these spirits begin stoning them whenever they prepare to leave for school.

Lucheri said the spirits have so far also burnt his kitchen, thrown everything out of the main house and kept the doors open with any effort to close the doors at night turning into a fight with the spirits.

A eyewitness, John Muranda, said the family appears besieged by evil spirits who throw things at them and sometimes force them to sleep out in the cold by making their house uninhabitable.

While the reason for this attack is unclear, some residents think Lucheri's late father wants the family to make a feast for him to appease his spirits.

They recounted a similar incident that allegedly happened at Shihome village two years ago and that was resolved after elders advised the family to give a sacrifice in order to stop the spirits from haunting them.

"If they give half a kilogramme of pork, I will be able to determine what the problem is and also address it for them so that the spirits can stop terrorising them," said Tom Mulanda, who is allegedly versed with such matters.