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Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift

A few days ago as I and my two colleagues drove to Westlands during the rush hour to an evening class, we almost hit a pedestrian. The man stood on our way unperturbed, for a moment we thought the smartly dressed guy who held a blue folder on one hand was maybe deaf and blind.

We hooted but he stood still in the middle of our lane. As we maneuvered to move to the next lane, another pedestrian grabbed his hand pulling him out of the way. He quickly got back to his senses and tried to apologise to us and other angry motorists who had already started getting impatient.

Of course as any motorist would do, we cursed, our driver rolled down the window and asked the poor dude if he was on a death wish.

What could have made such a young man lose his senses in the middle of a busy road? We wondered.

This week I have come across a lot of content on depression, I am now certain the young man could have been going through something that threw him off his senses. I could be wrong though.

The thing about depression is that it doesn’t have a face, it sneaks in and weighs you down and before you know it, it turns you into a different being.  

This same week, I came across a post on social media of a certain woman who was found behind a court in Kiambu County trying to strangle her twins. Those who rescued the babies claimed the woman appeared mentally disturbed and was in urgent need of psychiatric counselling.

Sometimes the signs we are going that route are all over but we never admit and instead chose to laugh when we should be crying and vice versa.

Life isn’t tied with a bow but it still a gift you cannot afford to waste.