Clerics, elders intervene to reconcile Wetangula and Natembeya

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula and Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya.

Religious leaders and elders from the Luhya community in Trans Nzoia County have offered to broker a truce between National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula and Governor George Natembeya.

This follows heightened tensions between the two leaders, which turned ugly recently when their supporters clashed  during a funeral ceremony.

After a consultative meeting on Thursday, the elders condemned the discord between the two senior leaders, saying it was affecting the cohesion and progress of the community.

John Mang'ara and Patrick Wafukho who represented the elders, called for immediate reconciliation for the sake of unity and future political aspirations.

"Both leaders are our sons, and witnessing their feud deepening threatens our collective unity," asserted Wafukho.

Bishop David Kalabai supported the sentiments and cautioned against the erosion of the community's political influence due to internal strife.

Kalabai urged leaders to prioritize dialogue over verbal attacks, emphasizing the need for a unified approach to regional development.

"We risk losing vital political leverage and opportunities for growth if we continue with the differences," warned Kalabai.

The rift between Wetangula and Natembeya has extended into Trans Nzoia County Assembly, where members have taken sides towards the two leaders amidst escalating tensions. Allegations of a political power struggle have surfaced, further exacerbating the situation.

A recent meeting between Wetangula and a faction of Kenya Kwanza Alliance county assembly members has sparked controversy, with accusations of a plot to impeach Governor Natembeya circulating among dissenting voices.

Eric Mwangale, the assembly’s minority leader, denounced such machinations, emphasizing the need for constructive engagement over political vendetta.

"Our focus should be on addressing pressing economic challenges facing our region," asserted Mwangale.

Sikhendu Ward MCA Andrew Kutitila reaffirmed the assembly's commitment to serving the interests of the people, irrespective of political affiliations. He emphasized the importance of upholding legislative integrity and resisting external pressures.

"Our duty is to legislate in the best interests of our constituents, not to serve as pawns in political games," stated Kutitila.

Kefa Were, the deputy majority leader, criticized Wetangula's conduct, accusing him of allegedly prioritizing personal interests over community welfare.

"We must move beyond divisive tactics and focus on uplifting our people," asserted Were.

Despite the allegations, the Kenya Kwanza Alliance members refuted claims of political scheming, asserting their dedication to transparent and accountable governance.

Chepsiror - Kiptoror Ward MCA Kipchumba Birir also denied any ulterior motives, stressing the assembly's commitment to its legislative mandate.

"MCAs have dutifully and transparently passed bills and appointments of cabinet CECs, approved budgets, and the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP), and they do not have any hidden agenda or ill motive against the current governor," said Birir.

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