CRICKET: In the midst of one of Kenya’s most loved sports

By Correspondent: Monday, June 24th 2019 at 13:14 GMT +3 | Cricket
Cricket is one of the most loved sports in Kenya [Courtesy]

If we were to name two sports that Kenyans love the most, they would be football and cricket. While football has a charm of its own, many of its tournaments and games take place throughout the year. Cricket, on the other hand, has certain limitations, and that is why whenever a major tournament is in play, it is only apt that cricket gets all the attention required.

The Cricket World Cup has started wonderfully and there are a few unexpected upsets already on the board. Although Kenya did not qualify for this World Cup, they are trying their very best to regain that lost spark and get back to playing on an international level. The first step towards that goal was winning the African qualifier for the T20 World Cup, and they did well by defeating Uganda in a nail biter of a match. However, even though their final game with Namibia didn’t take place, both teams did manage to proceed to the world qualifier stage. We can now only hope and pray to see Kenya back in action soon.

For the time being, while everyone has one eye on our home team, the other is fixed on the World Cup games. Fans and punters alike have been keenly watching the early matches, trying to figure out which of the teams are showing signs of making it to the finals. There is undoubtedly a thrill associated with cricket, but the benefit of earning profits adds a sense of joy that is hard to exclude. As a result, leading betting agencies, such as Betway, are offering amazingly favourable odds to their customers along with offers that include 100 per cent deposit bonuses. The best time to bet on cricket is now, and making the most of these odds in the early half of the competition can prove to be quite the profit maker.

But the question arises, who is it that Kenyan bettors should back? An international competition like this has quite a few contenders for the top spot. First of all, the proper technique is to spread your bets over a few matches. There are the giveaways, games where leading teams play some of the lesser known ones such as Bangladesh and Afghanistan, and while the profits are less in this case, they are still earnings that add on to the overall kitty.

Next up are the main bets that matter the most when it comes to returns. The teams that are to reach the finals, the ultimate winner, or the sportsman most likely to win the player of the tournament trophy, are all great bets to make. India and England are two of the top contenders to lift the trophy, whereas Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Jofra Archer are three of the most sort after players. Kenya has always had a bond with India and considering that the bookies favour the team and their players, it just might be the country to look out for during World Cup 2019.

Finally, no matter which team wins or loses, the result should be a brilliant competition that entertains its fans, and hopefully leaves you with quite a few extra shillings. 

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