South Africa's Malema supports anti-finance bill protests

Julius Malema, a South Africa Member of Parliament and the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). [AFP]

The ongoing protests against the finance bill in the country have garnered international attention, drawing interest from various countries, political figures, and leaders.

In the latest comments, South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighter’s Party has stood in solidarity with the protesters.

In a statement, the party leader Julius Malema commended Kenyans for standing firm against the bill claiming that it results from a recommendation from the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and World Bank.

 “This is, therefore, part of a broader problem faced by many developing nations under the yoke of the IMF and World Bank loans. The IMF and World Bank have a notorious history of undermining the sovereignty of developing countries through their oppressive loan conditions and treating African economies like lab rats for neoliberal templates,” Malema stated.

The EFF leader has further noted that the two institutions use Africa to impose austerity measures that cripple growth and development leading to widespread poverty. 

He noted that the IMF had similarly introduced adverse economic and political policies in South Africa by giving out an R11.4 loan.

The party leader declared its support for Kenyans to fight for economic freedom.

He has further condemned the police brutality on protesters urging the government to withdraw forceful police action and free those arrested. 

“We further note our concern on the violent crackdown on peaceful protesters, which has resulted in at least 200 injuries and over 100 arrests. The use of tear gas, water cannons, and rubber bullets against citizens exercising their right to protest is unacceptable,” he noted.

His Ugandan counterpart Bobi Wine has also expressed solidarity with the youthful protesters.

“Power to you the young people of Kenya. You are speaking up and your voices are being heard far beyond the Kenyan borders. We hope your leaders too are listening! We continue to stand in solidarity with you,”tweeted Wine.