You've no right to lecture Ruto, Malala tells Azimio leader

UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala has told off ODM leader Raila Odinga over his criticism of President William Ruto’s rulership.

Malala said the Azimio leader has no moral ground to lecture President Ruto on how to exercise the power bestowed on him through popular vote.

Malala insisted that Raila has never won the presidency to be able to guide anyone on how to rule. 

“He is the least qualified person to give wisdom on the subject, except on the area of opposition politics, for which we grant him room to exercise his rhetoric and whines,” he said.

He said the Azimio leader’s criticism of President Ruto’s declaration to fight corruption among rogue judicial officers allegedly sabotaging government projects must be interrogated.

“Why would Raila want a cabal of a few corrupt elements, working with Judiciary staff exercising judicial tyranny deny Kenyans what the President promised to deliver to them during campaigns?” Malala said.

Must be guarded

On Wednesday, Raila hit out at Ruto over attacks on the Judiciary insisting that its independence must be guarded.

The Azimio leader was reacting to remarks by the President on Wednesday when he accused the Judiciary of frustrating Kenya Kwanza projects.

Malala wondered whether Raila was championing for some rogue judicial officers to hide under the blanket of judicial independence to deny Kenyans their right to development and livelihood.

“For the longest time that Hon Raila Odinga has played his politics in Kenya, he has fashioned himself as the champion of democracy and good governance. He has deceived the world throughout his life spanning over eight decades that he makes sacrifices for the sake of the masses,” he said.

He accused Raila of hiding behind the fight for the downtrodden to advance selfish political interests. 

Enemy of progress

The UDA secretary general said anyone who sabotages Kenya Kwanza projects must be called out for being an enemy of progress. 

“This includes litigants and judicial officers who think they stand on a higher pedestal than that of millions of Kenyans, who gave the Executive arm led by President Ruto the mandate to alleviate them from the hardships they had been condemned to by the handshake brothers, where Raila was a principal.”

He added: “President Ruto has lived true to the promises he made to the Judiciary and all independent offices. He has ensured their financial allocations are increased to allow them to perform their duties effectively, and more especially in the fight against corruption.” 

Being the last cog of the wheel that is the judicial process, Malala said, judges must not be allowed to sabotage government projects.