We will root out the corrupt, says Ruto as he continues his onslaught on Judiciary

President William Ruto. [File, Standard]

President William Ruto maintains that no corruption will happen under his watch, as far as the Judiciary is concerned.  

In a renewed attack on the Judiciary, Ruto on Thursday, January 4 posted on X in response to lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi’s many takes on the attack on judicial independence.

“Ahmednassir SC, you warned me of sabotage by corrupt judicial officers. I told you there are many good officers in the judiciary and that we will root out the corrupt,” the president said.  

Ruto would also respond to Senior Counsel Paul Muite saying: “The impunity of bribing judges so as not to derail, delay, or sabotage Kenya’s imminent transformation will never happen under my watch. Not a single cent will be used to bribe anybody. Mambo ya wafisadi wote ni yale nilisema…”

On Tuesday, lawyer Ahmednassir, like many other Kenyans, took to social media to criticise Ruto’s sentiments on the Judiciary, alleging corruption within the courts and vowing to defy court orders.

"The President must obey court orders issued by corrupt or bribe-taking judges. But he can/must remove corrupt judges from the judiciary,” said Ahmednassir.

A war of words has since erupted between Ruto and Chief Justice Martha Koome, the Judges and Magistrates Association, and the Law Society of Kenya, all of whom have condemned his [Ruto’s] remarks.

CJ Koome expressed concern over the public criticism and vilification of judges and judicial officers for issuing court orders that are thought to be against State programmes and policies, likening it to ‘anarchy and impunity.’

“Where a citizen obtains a court order against the State and that court order is deliberately ignored or disobeyed by State officials, the right of access to justice is undermined because it fatally attacks the effectiveness of the legal system,” she said.

Lawyers have also threatened to protest next week in defense of the rule of law and the independence of the Judiciary.