UDA fallout? Senator Susan Kihika breaks silence

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika. [Kipsang Joseph,Standard]

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika on Tuesday dismissed claims of a looming fallout between her and the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party following a series of ‘telling’ posts on her social media pages.

This comes amid claims that she had a hand in the ongoing UDA nominations in the county with nomination losers pointing fingers at her alleged influence in the process.

“Am very comfortable in the UDA party. People should not read too many details from my posts on social media. They have nothing to do with my position in the party,” said Kihika.

Naivasha MP Jayne Kihara had accused Kihika of trying to rig her out of the nominations in favour of an opponent she didn’t name but whom she described as a candidate aimed at weakening UDA.

“Susan Kihika should and must stop creating discord in the UDA party…in Naivasha, she decided to conspire with Jubilee to sponsor and support a mole who is being funded by the Jubilee to weaken the UDA party from within,” said Kihara on an April 5 post.

Kihara’s bitterness toward the senator seemed to have reached an extreme level when she revealed that she would campaign for another gubernatorial candidate other than Kihika who is UDA’s uncontested candidate.

“I wish we can openly campaign for Governor Lee Kinyanjui (of Jubilee)....this woman is a disgrace to Nakuru, please guys don't let her be the next Governor for our Nakuru,” added Kihara.

Kihara initially lost the April 4 nominations to former area MP John Kihagi but made a successful appeal which saw the final results have her declared the winner by a one-vote margin.

In Nakuru town, Kihika was accused of influencing the appointment of presiding officers (POs) and clerks for the Biashara Ward with a view of handing Fadhili Msuri an easy win.

Msuri won the nominations but his celebrations were cut short after the party nullified the results and ordered a fresh exercise that is underway today, April 19.

Kihika has dismissed the allegations saying that she has nothing to do with the nominations adding that she was nowhere in Nakuru when the exercise was being conducted.

“The role of appointing POs and clerks is under the party’s National Elections Board (NEB) where I don’t have a say. I don’t understand why someone has to link me with their loss,” said Kihika.

“Personally, I didn’t vote or come close to any polling station. My eyes are on the governorship. I don’t have a reason to influence the election of other people. Those accusing me are only directing their anger on me as they are unable to contend with the decision made by the voters,” said Kihika.

The Senator maintained that she has no intentions of quitting UDA despite the accusations saying “I am not that weak to give in to propaganda being peddled around by other people. The voters have the final say".