Reject political incitement, Raymond Moi urges youth

Rongai Member of Parliament Raymond Moi. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Rongai MP Raymond Moi has called on the youth not to give in to any attempts by rogue politicians to use them for their selfish interests.

In a statement to the newsrooms, Raymond noted that as the campaign season heats up, some politicians may use unscrupulous ways to counter opponents.

“Our youth are vulnerable. They are likely to be misused by rogue leaders. Our call to them is to critically evaluate the intentions of those seeking to engage them this campaign period,” said Raymond.

The MP underscored the need for peace in the country, noting that disruption of normal life due to politics would greatly impact the economy.

“Any leader worth holding public office should observe and respect the importance of the youth to the country and the economy. Disrupting the economy is robbing the future generations of a better Kenya,” he said.

Raymond challenged the leaders to instead focus on projects that empower the youth as groups or individuals.

“Education should be a priority in empowerment. As leaders, we should focus on activities that build the capacity of our youth to have a sustainable income. Let us show them how to fish,” he said.

The office of the MP yesterday held a meeting with some youth, who have benefitted from various programmes funded under National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF).

“We are proud having sponsored hundreds of students through secondary and university education. The committee has keen on ensuring that needy get full sponsorships to sustain them through their programs,” said Raymond.

 Rongai NG-CDF Chairperson Ondoro Osoro said that the committee will continue with empowerment programs noting that the impact has been felt in the community.