New mobile App to help girls track their menstrual cycles

Shaheen Nilofer, the UNICEF Representative in Kenya. [Photo, Courtesy]

According to UNICEF, the information provided by the Oky Kenya app helps to remove menstrual health barriers and promote gender equality in education.

"One of the main reasons girls are in search of information about menstruation is to dispel myths and misconceptions that often lead to anxiety, fear, and shame," Shaheen Nilofer, UNICEF Representative to Kenya said.

She added, "I would like to congratulate Oky Kenya for developing an innovative app for Kenyan girls, by Kenyan girls. This will help to break barriers and empower girls to take control of their own health and ultimately life".

The technology has been supported by UNICEF in partnership with LVCT Health, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Education.

LVCT Health led the country adaptation and user design workshops and engaged adolescent girls in Western, Central, and Coastal Kenya as key advisors, peer ambassadors, and mobilisers.

Apart from Kenya, the technology is also being customised to other countries namely Burundi, South Africa, and Tanzania.

With technology, girls, and women are more likely to participate in the workforce and make informed decisions about their health.