Detectives detain Kidero’s Benz over ‘tax evasion’

Police are detaining a vehicle belonging to former governor Evans Kidero over alleged tax evasion.

Detectives also suspect the Mercedes Benz 500E has a fake registration number plate as they try to establish whether the car was smuggled into the country.

Police say car was imported without paying import duty and was operating illegally in the country. A similar vehicle belonging to Dr Kidero’s close friend has also been impounded and detained at Parklands Police Station.

The two vehicles were seized soon after Kidero was arrested by anti-corruption detectives over allegations of abuse of office, money laundering, bribery, conflict of interest and failure to protect public property.

“It beats logic why a former governor can deliberately fail to pay tax, then go ahead and have a fake registration plate on his car,” said a source.

The former governor has recorded a statement at the Parklands Police Station. We could not immediately establish what Kidero told detectives in his statement.

He risks being slapped with a heavy fine if it is found out that the Benz was smuggled into the country.

A source close to Kidero downplayed the issue, claiming the car is being detained over what he termed as a ‘traffic offence’.

The man said the only discrepancy after a search was conducted is that the Benz has been registered as a station wagon instead of a saloon car. “Otherwise the number plates are correct as well as the chassis number,” added the source.