Diet tips you could use this Christmas

The smaller the better…
Taking everything in moderation will help you enjoy the season and still maintain healthy habits. Always serve your meals and drinks using the smallest utensils available.

Your mind will still consider them full regardless of size.

Choose the lesser evil…
There are many alternatives available during the festivities. Have a look at all the dishes on the menu and serve the healthiest option.

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Go for the whole grain chapatti instead of white one, free-range chicken instead of broiler, steamed vegetables instead of fried ones and fresh fruit juice instead of soda.

Prepare the meats in a healthy way
Meat is a common dish in almost all meals in most homes during the festivities. How you prepare your meat determines its caloric content and how beneficial it will be for your health. Trim off any visible fats in your meats before cooking.

This reduces the amount of saturated fats that could otherwise trigger rise of bad cholesterol in the body. It also helps cut down on the calories.

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When roasting, trimming the fat minimises the amount of drippings on the charcoal which would otherwise form compounds that are potentially carcinogenic.

Steaming and stewing are a healthier way of cooking your meat compared to roasting. All meats have fats, visible and invisible, hence no need of adding more when cooking.

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Match water for tipple…
Christmas is a season of merry-making when most people consume alcohol. Alcohol also features on holiday menus.

Alcohol is a diuretic which makes you lose water and electrolytes from your body leaving you dehydrated and craving for sweet and fatty foods.

If you must drink, alternate your drink with an equivalent amount of water. This will help you cut on the amount consumed, stay hydrated and suppress your desire to consume high calorie foods.

Water it down
Even though loaded with lots of sugar, preservatives and other chemicals, sodas, packet juices and other fizzy drinks form part of Christmas traditions in most Kenya homes.

You can still enjoy them in moderation by sharing a bottle with someone, don’t finish it alone.

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Adding water or fresh fruit juice to soda and other ready to drink beverages will reduce the amount of sugar consumed and still keep you happy. 

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