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Prezzo 'Ruro' gains ideological clarity with American-flavoured 'pan-Africanism'

Peter Kimani


For a while, I thought Kenya’s mission to Haiti was some joke, until I saw it discussed at the United Nations in New York. I mean, there are so many things that Kenya Kwanza politicos say that turn into nothing but hot air, but Haiti is proving to be the one promise they intend to keep.

Listening to a local TV debate earlier in the week, Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot posed a pertinent question, evocative of Raila Odinga aka Tinga’s witticism: If a dog barks at you, ask him who sent him. So, who requested Kenyan troops to Haiti?

None of the analysts on air had the answer, so Aukot answered his own question: The US.

The Americans are dispatching Kenyan policemen and women to bark in Haiti. His evidence? prodded the interlocutor, same way one might challenge how we know the sun rises in the East.

Of course, the US masquerades as the world policeman and Joe Biden specifically singled out “President Ruro” for praise at the recent US Security Council in New York. The more pressing question should have been what’s in it for Kenya?

Still, Aukot offered a lucid argument. The US would love to have a fall guy, after all, their war misadventures have been humiliating. Once again, he offered a litany of evidence: Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan…

How come Kenyans don’t elect bright chaps like Aukot? Perhaps because they’d ask intelligent questions and Kenya has a shortage of fools, if we believe the campaign rhetoric of last year.

Then, Haiti was not in the horizon. Neither had “Prezzo Ruro’s” American-flavoured “pan-Africanism” gained ideological clarity. So, our boys in blue, who cannot speak a word of Spanish, French or Creole, are crossing two oceans to restore law and order, while Aukot’s Kapedo waits. Iko shida!

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