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Is your wife cheating on you?

 Is your wife cheating on you? (Photo: iStock)

As human beings, we are creatures of habit. Any slight change usually has an explanation. Don’t act impulsively. Sooner or later, even the smartest makes a mistake and gets caught.

I come from the school of thought that no man should knowingly sleep with another man’s wife. It is bro code. But I know the kind of tumultuous and murderous rage that possesses a man who learns that his wife is cheating on him. Many sensible men know this basic fact of life.

But we live in a city where married women are some of the best seductresses in the game and weak men sometimes can’t pass on the opportunity to sleep with a married woman. Most of the women being taken to low-end dingy lodgings and three-star, middling hotels at lunch hours and early evenings for quick romps, are married women.

Some of the women have wonderful husbands who are out there toiling to make ends meet. I have never seen a terrible and ungrateful generation than mine. Not that married men are innocent, but men whose wives cheat tend to be the cool guys, who married women with higher libido and morals of stray cats. Life is not fair.

The tragedy of my generation is that marriage is no longer sacred. Many married women don’t have the patience of our mothers to hold it down in the tough times of a marriage. They like the ephemeral satisfaction that comes with an affair, with the many loose men they pick in the office, the gym, and the many conferences they attend.

Last week, these women requested to join our table and soon they were all flirty, in a way that is a turn-off for men with values like me.

They were so ready to sleep with us, and soon, one of them was telling us that she is married to an army guy, who is on duty. Most men whose wives cheat hardly see it coming. There is danger in assumption and complacency. Because women can be very good actors, most men never see the signals.

A woman about to cheat becomes a constant nag. She is constantly dissatisfied with everything. She wants more materially, sexually, and emotionally and she becomes a fault-finder. A fairly sensible woman will become blind to the economic situation of the man and will demand to be treated every weekend, to a vacation, to a night out, to fancy gifts. Most men assume that the woman is just being a woman. But unknown to them, there are men out there who are treating her to these fancy things that she suddenly has a taste for. A woman who is cheating may suddenly hit the gym to get her sexy back. Most people in the gym, both men and women, are there for vain reasons.

If your woman is keen on the gym, monitor her moves - it mostly has to do with the marriage or her health. Monitor her movements. The gym is probably a ruse. Most gym guys are exploitative libidinous young men, who come in handy for a sexually and emotionally needy woman.

Back home, a cheating woman will find every excuse not to have sex with you. Persistent headaches, always “not-in-the-mood” and when she finally gives you, it is lacklustre.

All these are circumstantial, so don’t be paranoid. Just be nosy enough to notice the changes in the differences. As human beings, we are creatures of habit. Any slight change usually has an explanation. Don’t act impulsively. Sooner or later, even the smartest makes a mistake and they get caught. Everything done in darkness always comes to light.

If you catch her, don’t lose your head. These things happen. Keep your head up and find a good solution to the dilemma.

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