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First, I was told it was malaria but tests showed it was typhoid

Health & Science
 A doctor went through my files and decided to do an abdominal ultrasound. The results came out positive for typhoid. [iStockphoto]

One morning, I felt nauseous and kept throwing up so I decided to relax for a moment before having breakfast.

After some hours, I decided to take porridge since I believed it was the best meal that could not nauseate me at all. However simple the meal was, I started feeling severe stomach ache which prompted me to buy over-the-counter painkillers to ease my discomfort.

As days went by, the nauseated feeling persisted. I could not eat properly, any drop of food through my guts would trigger a stomach ache.

In two weeks, I had gone through a lot and then came the throbbing headache which was like a migraine. I decided to visit the hospital because even the painkillers could not make the headache go away.

Upon my first visit to a clinic, a blood sample was taken from me by the medics. When it was analyzed in the laboratory, it showed that I had malaria.

I went home and took the medication prescribed to me for malaria by the doctor. After a week, I didn’t experience any changes in my condition that prompted me to visit another hospital.

The medics did a blood test on me and ruled out that all was well and I had nothing to worry about except, “take drugs to cure my stomachache."

During my third visit to the hospital, a doctor went through my files and decided to do an abdominal ultrasound. The results came out positive for typhoid.

It was a moment of mixed feelings, the inner me breathed a sigh of relief for finally getting the right diagnosis but at the same time, I feared the possible treatment cost for typhoid.

The doctor recommended the right treatment for me and luckily it was catered for by my medical insurance. One of her recommendations was to beware of where I eat to avoid coming across contaminated food and water and falling prey to the disease once again.

- As narrated to Sharon Wanga, a Standard Group Reporter. Are you a patient,  family member, or medic with a health story to share? Write to us on [email protected]

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