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2022 fashion trends to watch out for next year

eve1227 (5).jpg
 Best fashion trends of 2022 (Photo: Pinterest)

We have seen a plethora of various trends come and go during the entire year. While others succumbed to the pressure of going out of style in a matter of weeks, some managed to stand the test of time and remain fashionable over the entire year.

When the year began everyone was in a two-piece set and they came in all forms and designs from sweat suits to palazzo sets that greatly influenced the monochrome trend which has also dominated the fashion streets all year. And why not? After all, this trend is not only comfortable but easy to pull off.

We can all agree to disagree that bandanas have had a fashion moment this year even if they were never really out of style. Normally, they are used as headpieces, but our fashionistas have repurposed this item into coats, bralettes, bag materials, and even shoes, which has been a breath of fresh air.

Another trend that dominated the fashion scene this year was the tractor trek-sole boots. They were the most sought-after fashion piece this year distinguished by a bulbous toe and thick tough soles. Many people pair these shoes with skinny jeans but for a more utilitarian look, sweatpants will do.

Even though Adidas Yeezy was first incepted in 2015, the most prominent trends at the time were sock boots, heels, and sports shoes, Yeezy slides made a significant breakthrough in the fashion world this year. This trend really made a splash with most young people especially Gen Z pairing them with ankle socks.

Other significant pieces that made major strides in getting their products in the spotlight this year were the Alexander Mc Queens sneakers, Christian Dior kitten heels, knitted pieces and many more, however, one thing we can all agree with is that retro fashion has made a great resurgence and we are loving what we are seeing.

Do you remember the hipster days? Back in the 2000s when every lady donned one? Well, they are back and bigger. Hipsters, also known as bell bottoms, were a closet staple that purportedly dates back to 1817 but gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. This trend has been making a slow but steady resurgence in fashion and we just can't get enough of this trend.

Talking of trousers, another amazing trend we noticed this year was the mom jeans. Now mom jeans are typically high-waisted and ill-fitting and they are frequently worn with oversized coats, a design that was hugely popular in the 1980s among working women and men but is now making a major resurgence.

Today, you will notice that the jutting shoulder pad blazers are trending with a wider colour variety and exquisitely detailed buttons. And this piece is mainly used to spice up crop top outfits.

Back in the day crop tops were known as 'tumbo cuts' and a few old timers still call it so. In the 2000s, tumbo cuts were only worn by the most daring members of society, who could be seen flossing their tiny waists in this style paired with low-bell bottoms.

Contrary to the 2000s, when crop tops were considered taboo and a 'Western trend', they are now more widely accepted and accessible, with most fashionistas embracing the 80s trend with ease.

Another trend that we noticed this year was Graphic Tees that dates back to the 1940s. Throughout the twentieth century, this trend has evolved and youths have used them to make fashion statements and express their views on social matters while rock music fans have used it to mark their signature outfits. Today, most people will wear graphic tees with cargo pants or low-cut jeans and complete their outfits with Jordan or Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

Next on the list, we have corsets that have been trending all year long. From underbust, overbust, mid-bust, corsellete, waspie to Victorian corsets, we have seen them. And unlike the 1900s when corsets were used as a dress-spicing ornament, many women today wear them as tops, usually paired with tattered jeans or cargo pants for the ideal street look.

If you are a romantic historophile, then you know how much pearls played a major role in women's fashion in the 20th century. Pearls have been used as a representation of beauty and femininity by everyone from Princess Diana to Marilyn Monroe. This year, pear chokers made a major comeback with both men and women sporting them. And yes, we are loving the all-gender appeal.

Looking at men's wear, puffer jackets have also made a major comeback despite some claims to the contrary. The puffer jacket was invented in 1936 but it didn't become widely popular until the 1990s. Today it is one of the best fashion trends we have for men, without forgetting our politicians who have also made this piece an election essential.

And how can we forget leather jackets? Specifically, oversized leather jackets that have made the town resemble a scene from the 1990s Matrix movie. Even though these jackets mainly come in black and mocha, others have gone as far as doing jewel tones, which, we must admit, look stunning and are really useful during this cold season.

Not to be forgotten are the platform heels that many women have been walking around in this year. Platform heels were extremely popular in the 1970s, but this year they have returned and are more versatile than ever. They come in a variety of shapes and colours, and most women pair them with afro hairstyles for a dramatic finish. These outfits are vintage-approved!

As we cross over to 2023, we can officially say retro fashion is likely to take over and grow bigger and better.

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